Past Events

Past Events


Race Night


High Spirits

Race Night


High Spirits

Race Night


High Spirits

Race Night


High Spirits

Race Night


High Spirits

Race Night


High Spirits

10K Race: Georges Square

Spirits are high

High Spirits

10K Race: Finish Line

Michael finishes first in a time of 48 minutes


10K Race: Alison, Trisha, Brenda, ? and Liz

Crossing the finish line in 1 hour 50 minutes


10K Race: Running Ahead

Robert and Dee finish and wait on the rest

Area surrounding the creche

10K Race: Finishing Line Interview

Brenda and Trisha are asked about the charity

Children of the Sunrise Creche

10K Race: Last ones through

Pauline, Megan and Margaret complete the race

Children of the Sunrise Creche

7th November 2009: 3rd Annual Race Night & Disco

Third Annual Race Night

Following on just two weeks after the Old Skool Disco, we hosted the third annual race night in the K.S.C. Social Club in Moodiesburn on the 7th November 2009.

The busy hall had a great atmosphere and great competitiveness in winning what was our largest raffle prize selection.

To date, £2817.55 has been raised from the night - with more still coming in.

Thanks again to everyone who made the night a great success.


23rd October 2009:
Old Skool Disco

Old Skool Disco

Glow Sticks and Neon clothing were a must at the Old Skool Disco held on the 23rd October 2009 in the Cumbernauld New Town Hall.

Over 100 of Alexandra's extended friends came to the event which turned out to be a great success.

We would like to thank our DJ's for the night - DJ 4orce (Johnny Gray), MC Spiersy, Conner and the Guvner - as well as Manhattan Mobile Bars for their generous donation to the charity.

The final total amount raised on the night was £974.68!


3rd October 2008

Race Night

Our second Race Night and Disco took place in the Knights of St. Columba Club in Moodiesburn. With over 200 in the hall on the night, countless sponsors made before the event and monetary donations made to the charity, we raised a total of £4,100 (approx).

Special thanks go to Traveltek, Mr Alistair Lyttle and Mr Jim Black for their generous donations which are greatly appreciated.


11th September 2008

Cumbernald's Band Aid was a concert night held at the Cumbernauld Theatre where Paul O'Donnel, Where's Frenchie?, Overcry and Bad Day? performed to an audience of over 230.

A total of £1231 was raised on the night thanks to all of the bands and the Cumbernauld Theatre.


7th September 2008

Fresh n Lo - Great Scottish Run

Alexandra's cousins, Michael & Megan, aunts Brenda, Patricia, Pauline & Liz and friends Alison, Dee, Robert, Michael & Margaret all took part in the Glasgow Fresh n Lo Great Scottish Run. It saw the entrants run (and walk) 10km through the streets of Glasgow; starting at George’s Square, heading over the Kingston Bridge before crossing the finish line in Glasgow Green.

Both Michael's and Robert completed the race in around 50 minutes, closely followed by the others who finished between 1 hour 35 minutes and 1 hour 45 minutes.

Congratulations to all of the runners and come back soon to find out the total rasied in sponsor money!


16th May 2008

Gift Donation Total Raised: £975

Donald McDonald celebrated his 80th birthday on 16th May 08 with a party in the K.S.C. Donald and his family have very close ties with the Stark Family and both Donald and Alexandra share the same birthday.

Donald requested that instead of a gift, a donation to the Alexandra Stark Memorial Foundation would be more than appreciated. This led to the generous amount of £975 being deposited into the fund. Our thanks go to Donald and his family for this very humble gesture.


28th April 2008

Fashion Show

Fashion Show Total Raised: £1649

St Maurice's High School, the school which Alexandra attended for most of her high-school years, organised a fashion show with the support of local businesses.

A packed assembly hall saw the students of the school perform the show with the compere help of Mrs Cavanagh and Mr Menlove.

On behalf of the school, and from ourselves, we thank the local businesses who either donated or loaned clothing and accessories for display on the night.


19th April 2008


Samsung Scottish Champion Hurdle Total Raised: £1694

Samsung Semiconductors invited all Customers to hospitality at the Grand National Meeting at Ayr on 19th April 2008. As part of the fundraising for Alexandra Stark Memorial Fund, all Customers bet £5 in each race and we had 4 team competing with each other to see which team could raise most for the Charity. Samsung, and its Customers, raised a total of £1,694 towards our fund.


5th October 2007

Race Night Total Raised: £4818.86

The first fundraising event for the charity was held in the, now closed, Moodisburn House Hotel. Over 200 people attended a fantastic night: starting off with a Race Night then a Disco into the small hours.

Special thanks go to the Moodiesburn House for hosting the event as well as the countless companies who donated prizes for the raffle.


Online Donations

Total Raised So Far: £311.15

We are always looking for ideas for fundraising events and monetary donations to further our support in as many different areas as we can.